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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  March 27, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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another earthquake rocked japan. tsunami alert issued. adding to court. trying toccused of teenager into an on-line game. address to the nation,
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depressant talks to the country about the situation in libya. why it will cost you more to a taxi in d.c. tomorrow. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute we begin with breaking news. a domino's pizza delivery man s killed tonight. happened in seat pleasant, maryland. police were called to reports a road.s lying in the he was pronounced dead at the hospital. we have a crew on the scene and bring you more details as they become available. we are following jib held in developing news in japan. another earthquake struck japan today. a tsunami warning has been
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issued but has been cancelled. >> it is an area already distressed. more than 10,000 deaths and more missing. another earthquake has shaken the region. while no one can prepare for hundredsture's wrath, taken to thee protest of pepco's handling the situation. the operators of the nuclear plant issued their second apology in as many days for a mistake. the power company called for an after recording a radiation spite 10 million times .ormal >> it contains 10 million times l amount of radioactive substances. the question remains, where is leak?dioactive >> if there is one consistent
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about these power companies as they don't tell the truth. huge concern is trying to cool the reactor to meltdown of the entire plant. the u.n. nuclear agency warns on forsis could go another month. we will continue to monitor the latest developments of japan. a bizarre case in a virginia courtroom tomorrow. accused of forming a with a teenage girl an on-line vampire role- playing game. this is one of those stories cringe.l make parents they met plane and on time -- game.e fantasy in their make-believe world he game they became
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vampire man and wife. in real life they claimed to be in love. in real life she was a 14-year- girl from stafford and he was 28-years old. >> it is just kind of creepy. >> that is the general reaction. when people hear what police say the rest of the story. last halloween he rode a train to get his girl. he carried with him sleeping pills he had crashed into a powder. he planned to draw the girl's mother so he could have time to home to miami. she became frightened and told her mother. tonight rodriguez sets in and up and will be arraigned tomorrow.
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mention a sanea person doing that to a 14-year- old girl. >> i think it is really bad what happened to her. should really be careful get on the internet. there is a lot of stuff that happens. anybody can beat anybody on the internet. quotedtives have been thought the girl was 18. he was a goodsaid vampire. be in court tomorrow to arraigned on charges of of a minor and providing a controlled substance to that minor. starting tomorrow a taxi in d.c. will cost you more. a $1 fuel surcharge will go into effect. mayor vincent gray announce this
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to offset the high caste high cost of gas taxes. if you put that on top of you, reid $11ge fare becomes $12. if you are a tourist and running b it is expensive. >> you try to make the money. every time you look your out of gas. >> the fuel surcharge will not apply for trips that cross into maryland or virginia. in libya the international of -- they are pounding muammar gaddafi's home town. they appear to be making significant progress. building foris obama with many asking much longer will this last? >> do you think libby opposed an
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imminent threat to the u.s.? it was not a vital national interest. >> in interest because gaddafi to slaughter his own people. saypresident is expected to to avert aickly humanitarian disaster. when asked if u.s. involvement of thest until the end no one knows. >> this policy has been by indecision and delay. they say it is humanitarian by gaddafi must go. >> pushing west towards aaa, retaking town after town they had lost recently. towardsng west tripoli. it would be a symbolic victory.
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>> i think we will pass through without a major fight. forces have been weakened. we believe they will not fight. >> the president will address nation tomorrow night. we will carry that live right here. metro is marking a big day tomorrow. more than 50,000 people rode the rails that day. only five stations on the red line existed. stops acrosshas 86 different lines. the cherry now to festival. trip to the tidal the chillyte temperatures. the blossoms still looked beautiful today. kite festival was postponed e of the snowy forecast.
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the cherry blossom parade is april 9. abc7 will broadcast it live. what will the weather be like of the festival? is live with a preview. >> we are looking at a chilly week ahead. tonight, no exception. reagan39 degrees at national airport. we have a few clouds earlier afternoon but just a few remained. for a quiet overnight. the biggest story is the breezy for the day tomorrow. are you ready for the potential storm that may mix?in a wintery i will have the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> it was an incredible victory. vcu is heading to the final
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four. [applause] students poured into the streets richmond to celebrate the over to collide head to houston next weekend. is their first final four appearance in school history. horace holmes will have highlights coming up. supremel to come, the case. going up against employees. the google error in maryland. we will explain. we now know the date
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we want to get back to our breaking news. a domino police said man -- pizza man has been shot and killed. are on seat pleasant drive. i want you to see where police out here investigating what
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happened. they call came in at 8 akaka 30 tonight. there were reports of a man lying in the road. police found a man with gunshot wounds. he has only been identified as an adult male. he is a domino's pizza delivery man. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. investigators are on the scene. is vehicle is still here. investigators are combing that clues we will continue to stay here in seat pleasant. it was a frightening scene in in northern california area. bomb exploded. this happened in the city of vacaville.
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police evacuated its -- evacuate its surrounding homes. investigators are looking for responsible for planting the bomb. at a snake is on the loose the bronx zoo. from hiseared inclosure on friday. zookeeper's are trying to find this 20 inch cobra. they say it is likely hiding in reptile house. once the state gets hungry enough it will emerge. many of us have used his inventions. the man who created super glue died at his home. he discovered super glue by while experimenting with other compounds. researchers initially rejected because it stuck to everything. it eventually took off in the
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1950's. on tuesday the supreme court hear arguments pitting against millions of former employees. they charged that walmart has discriminated against women. one woman filed a lawsuit.ation >> there was a male co-worker that had been with a company time i had been and he making double. even went to the district manager and asked him one and needed to do. >> the high court will decide whether the suit should go forward. walmart says the employees' claims should have been hurt a long time ago. >> some local drivers are on google maps. they are showing the entire the intercuts the
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opened but iteing not supposed to be open until 2012. a google spokeswoman says the working to fix the problem by this week. show is "oprah winfrey" coming to the end. it will air may 25. it has been the top-rated talk show for two decades. oprah winfrey will be devoting to her own time network. it debuted earlier this year. oaker airs monday through friday on abc7.e oprah winfrey airs monday through friday. we now know who is making the royal wedding cake. the cake will be traditionally with multilayers. all will have something different on them.
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they will be married on april 29. lest we forget. >> hopefully our weather at that in d.c. will be a bit milder than we have had for this weekend. now our skies are clearing out nicely but it is still chilly outside. lur temperatures probably wil another 8 degrees. our high is well below average. only 46 for a high today. the record was 86 degrees. look at the snow totals. 2/10 of an inch of snow. 1 inch in leonard town. also broke the record for snowfall for this date at dulles international airport we had a 1/10 of an inch.
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frost bird had 25 degrees on our weatherbug network. 10 degrees warmer in north arlington. temperatures up and down the coast holding in the 30's. 39 degrees in raleigh. if you are looking for milder temperatures, head to south florida. miami at 77 degrees. for the next 24 hours we will for -- high-pressure the north andt to west. this disturbance approaches from korean by tomorrow afternoon another system will day on wednesday. we will bring up the chance for mix which will then change over to all rain. this system here will drift to
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the south of us for tomorrow. by tuesday night our skies will up and byloud wednesday morning precipitation will start. just a few scattered clouds. tomorrow we call for plenty of sunshine look at the temperatures. 46-51 degrees. temperatures will hold below average for the next several days as we move into saturday and sunday it will be nice. the cherry blossoms will still around. we will see daytime highs 58-62 degrees. >> but the cherry blossoms in a bullet. d at dulles.recor h of an inch of snow. d at dulles.recor h of an inch of snow. what do we have here?
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gottene witherspoon has hitched. announced their in december. about 100 family and friends were invited. her second marriage. she was recently married to ryan with tv of children. i cannot keep up-to-date on all of this. vcu, there you go. >> the rams shot into the basketball world. amazing run continues into the final four. look at them dancing there. we will have highlights and
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enough gooday things about the b.c. you rams? vcu rams. they beat kansas. is how they did it. jumps out front and buries the three. watch him get people up close.
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virginia commonwealth up by 10. lead -- kansas closes the gap. comes joey rodriguez. vcu wins. they are going to houston and .he final four >> when you have a senior team do we have an opportunity to make a run like this. we have as much experience as anybody. with us and butler matching up for one of the semifinals, it is for the medium-sized guys. we are excited about it. >> it will being vcu and butler of --iting for the winner 3 is good. kentucky sinks carolina. no fear in the eyes of the hoyas as theyy
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on the best team in the ncaa tournament. they extend the hoyas lead. she was on fire hitting three three-pointers. likes it from the corner. goes up and she falls. by yukon came back. the jumper falls. connecticut's, as chance for georgetown. 3.gers launches a yukon wins, brit mchenry talking with players after the game. >> they played yukon twice this and lost both times. hoyas played some of their best basketball yet. >> we started the game with a shoulder.r everybody doubted we could hang
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with them. it is one and done. we were working good as a team. confidence in our team. we know that. monica is our senior and leader. this is where she wants to be. i am soan imagine -- of these girls. to onegetown held them closest games yet. the only victory they will take get is knowing they can revenge next season. tradednational's have player to them milwaukee brewers. the washington glycerides taking
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warriors.den state the wizards lewis. 1 in 35 on the road. >> that is hard to do. >> that is hard to say out loud. >> that is hard to do. >> th[ male announcer ]out loud. the network.
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helping business, and the rethink possible. >> we have a little bit of sunshine in the forecast. temperatures only around 50 degrees. clown's increase late tuesday. the chance for a wintery mix tuesday night. all rain on wednesday and on thursday for the looking drive. >> are they going to win? sure. >> thanks for joining us.
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